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Professional Dog Grooming & Reiki Services

Keep your dog clean, healthy, and comfortable with specialized grooming services from Journey's Elite Stress Free Dog Grooming. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we offer a calming environment and reiki treatment to help your dog relax.

Grooming a Dog

Dog Grooming

Most small-breed dogs, like toy poodles and terriers, require grooming a minimum of every three months with touch-ups in between. In fact, some higher-maintenance breeds require grooming every month. At Journey's Elite Stress Free Dog Grooming, we have no breed restrictions and can groom any dog from the smallest to largest of breeds. Our service consists of a complete cut at a much slower pace, so your dog doesn't get stressed or anxious. Grooming includes:

• Nails
• Depressed Glands
• Full Hydro-Wash
• Stress Free Drying
• Infrared Lighting to Kill Fleas & Bacteria

Dog Reiki

This is a no-touch healing-energy process that helps with your pet's psychological issues. 

Why Choose Us?

With us, your dog is a member of our family too. Because groomers are often under-staffed, under-trained, and use out-of-date equipment, many pets experience injury that can sometimes lead to death. We offer services by appointment only instead of dog boarding, so each dog gets special, undivided attention. Our shop is also equipped with the latest technology to ensure safety regulations are being followed properly. As an extra precaution, all animals must be up-to-date and current on shots. Call us to learn more.